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Product Range

Use this opportunity to tap into the Indian Organic Market by displaying and promoting your organic products at a niche and exclusive platform !

These products are on display!

  • Organic aquaculture
  • Organic cashew, walnuts, coconuts and other nuts
  • Organic coffee, tea and cocoa
  • Organic cotton and cotton products
  • Organic essential and ayurvedic oils
  • Organic fresh and dried fruit, fruit concentrates, fruit juices
  • Organic grains, kernel and pulses
  • Organic herbs, herbal extracts, herbal and medical teas
  • Organic oils and oil seeds
  • Organic processed and semi-processed food
  • Organic rice, honey, sugar and syrups
  • Organic spices and seasonings
  • Organic vegetable
  • Natural cosmetics and personal care items
    • Agricultural Bio-Input Fertilizers
  • Services and consultancy for the organic production
  • Ministries, associations and media

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