MAY 22, 2023

India Champions Millets: For a Sustainable and Nutritious Global Future

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also emphasized the importance of “millet preneurs” – small businesses and startups developing innovative millet products.Promotion of millets can significantly impact food security, provide farmers with sustainable income source especially in drought-prone regions, address malnutrition, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting less carbon-intensive crops.

Millets were once integral to traditional diets in India, Africa, and parts of Asia, but industrialized agriculture shifted the focus to crops like rice and wheat.

India’s global promotion of millets is a crucial step in reviving these ancient grains and reintegrating them into modern food systems.

In light of challenges faced by the world on account of the most feared water crisis, COVID -19 pandemic, or even the climate crisis, millets as a climate-resilient food system offers much-needed relief.

It would be doubly beneficial as an alternate choice of sustainable and nutritious food, if the focus becomes on organic millets.

Research and development on organic millets to improve the yield and quality is the need of the hour. On one hand we have to offer climate-resilient food system and on the other hand we also have to take care of the climate, soil etc. While a global organic millet network will facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices, accelerating worldwide adoption.

Collaborative efforts among nations are vital to promote the cultivation, consumption, and research on organic millets. Establishing partnerships between governments, research institutions, businesses, and farmers can drive innovation and ensure that the benefits of organic millets reach a wider audience.

Engaging international organizations, NGOs, and the private sector in promoting and investing in organic millet-based value chains can contribute to the global effort towards a sustainable and nutritious food system.

Educational campaigns targeting both consumers and farmers will help raise awareness about the advantages of organic millets. Informing consumers about the nutritional benefits and diverse culinary applications of millets can lead to increased demand.

Steps like, incorporating organic millets into school meal programs and public food distribution systems can help popularize these nutri-cereals and improve overall nutrition.

NuernbergMesse is committed to promoting nutritious yet eco-friendly food alternative. They have been a pioneer in recognising the importance of organic food.

The first BIOFACH took place 30 years back in 1990 with 197 exhibitors in the Ludwigshafen Stadthalle, Germany and in 2009 the show was brought to India.

NuernbergMesse India also initiated the promotion of Millets through their show Millets India concurrent to BIOFACH India, providing a platform the industry stakeholders to come together, network, share their expertise and also find bulk buyers, traders, retailers for their products.

BIOFACH India & Millets India stand out in their endeavor to offer long term business collaborations instead of concentrating on one-time sales for their exhibitors.

By developing and promoting innovative organic millet-based products, the food industry can tap into the growing market for healthy and sustainable food choices.

The private sector has a significant role to play in researching and developing new millet varieties, processing techniques, and value-added products, which can appeal to modern consumers while retaining the traditional essence of these ancient grains.