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India Leads the Organic Movement !
BIOFACH INDIA – India’s Largest International Trade Fair on Organic Products

The tenth edition of BIOFACH INDIA, the only organic platform in India to connect and network with your target audience is scheduled to be held from 25th-27th October 2018 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

India’s largest and most focused event for organic products provides the perfect business platform to organic stakeholders, retailers, exporters / importers, Govt. boards, state pavilions, certification bodies, consultants and associations from India and all over the world to congregate for networking. Such a high quality of visitors and exhibitors is what sets the fair apart from any other fair in the Indian market.

Organic is more than a label or certification: organic stands for quality and conviction – for the responsible use of nature’s resources. BIOFACH INDIA is the meeting place in India where anyone and everyone who is connected to organic converge annually to share their passionate interest for organic products, network at a common platform and educate themselves about the latest developments in the organic sector.

India holds a unique position among 172 countries practising organic agriculture: it has 6,50,000 organic producers, 699 processors, 669 exporters and 7,20,000 hectares under cultivation. Today, Sikkim is an organic state with 75,000 ha of land under organic cultivation based on an initiative that started in 2003. Meghalaya aims to convert 200,000 ha under organic farming by 2020. With growing awareness about health, changing lifestyles and increased spending capacity in India, experts say the country’s organic food market has a bright future. A recent government study predicted its value would reach $1.36 billion per year by 2020.

BIOFACH INDIA attracts participation from many leading organizations such as : Brahm Arpan, MRT Organics, Suminter India Organics, Phalada Agro, Just Organik, Radico, Mehrotra Consumer Products, Agronic Food, Sarveshwar Foods, Natureland Organic, Cultivator Natural Products, Samruddhi Organic Farms, Kejriwal Bee Care, Capital Ventures, Organic India, Fishfa Biogenics, Geo-Fresh Organics, Rapid Organic and many more. Besides food and beverage, the event also witnesses impressive participation from the natural care and wellness sector, organic textiles sector, certification bodies as well as leading country and state pavilions including Government Boards.

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