From August 3rd to 5th 2024, the 16th edition will once again be the meeting point for the entire organic, natural and millets industry.  Discover what awaits you at BIOFACH INDIA 2024





BIOFACH INDIA 2024 – industry hub for organic, natural and millets

16th edition: 3 – 5, August 2024 I India Expo Mart (IEML), Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR

India’s leading trade fair for the organic industry co-located with NATURAL EXPO INDIA which India’s most focused & exclusive expo for all things Natural and Millets India, which brings the entire Millets eco-system on a single platform is the most important business platform to source, network and learn for the industry. Connect with over 200 industry brands in the organic, natural, and millets sectors. Acquire industry insights from global experts in thoughtfully curated conference sessions. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and lively expo, experiencing health, growth, and sustainability in the freshest and most colorful manner at BIOFACH INDIA co-located with NATURAL EXPO INDIA and MILLETS INDIA


Organic, Natural and Millets products under one roof

Discover a diverse and colorful range of products, raw food, labelling options, value added services and lot more!

Network & Experience

200+ exhibitors and industry trends

This is the yearly industry-wide gathering to engage with current clients, forge partnerships, explore new alliances, and foster valuable connections. Not just the meeting spot but also find the latest industry trends and trending products!


Inspiration, knowledge transfer and discussion

Get insights on important industry topics, pain points, solutions & trends & innovation with global experts at the carefully curated conference sessions on all 3 days!

Trade fair impressions from BIOFACH INDIA

Industry Insights

Organic Ledger: The Future of Food Traceability and Empowering Farmers through Blockchain Technology


Transforming the Food Industry with “I Say Organic”: A Conversation with CEO Aakanksha Kapoor


Celebrating International Year of the Millets 2023: A Golden Opportunity for the Organic Millets Industry



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"BIOFACH INDIA: Industry Connect Podcast" - a groundbreaking YouTube series that delves deep into the world of organic, natural, and millets industries. Join us as we interview industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators, offering unparalleled insights and knowledge about these rapidly evolving sectors.

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The leading exhibitions in the BIOFACH World connect organic marketplaces with international demand in 8 key economic regions of the world – and promote the development of regional markets at the same time. They are the meeting places for supply and demand, raw materials and convenience products, manufacturers and buyers, as well as politics and media.



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