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Our special pavilion, 'NATURE'S NEW & NOW,' is a dedicated space that will guide you through the latest trends shaping our industry. Here, we highlight the incredible products, services, and innovations driving these trends forward!

Trends 2024

Here is your hub for staying current with the demands of your end consumer! You will discover the top three industry trends for the upcoming season, alongside the most innovative products and services that seamlessly align with each trend. Excited much?


Superfoods & Super Ingredients

This trend celebrates the resurgence of Indian superfoods and their incredible benefits and/or superpowers! The comeback of superfoods reflects a cultural shift towards prioritizing nutrient-packed, natural foods to boost health, embracing both traditional and new varieties for their unique benefits.

Precision Agriculture

This trend merges tech and tools for better efficiency and tracking. Advancements like AI, blockchain, drone technology, tracking apps, real-time data capture, predictive analytics, resource management tools, sensors or prediction tools, aerial imaging, biotechnology and efficient techniques like vertical farming, hydrophonics/aquaphonics improve farming, distribution, and transparency for consumers.

Clean Beauty

Brands which value your perspective, This trend has gained significant momentum, with consumers increasingly seeking out products that are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly, signaling a shift towards health and environmental awareness.